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Fog at Dawn

July 2013. I had just moved to Santa Barbara, California, started driving, and upgraded my point’n’shoot to an awesome DSLR setup. I was looking for more awesome photographic adventures, so before an early morning at work, I headed down to the beach to shoot the sunrise. Except…

When I arrived at the beach, everything was blanketed by a thick bank of fog. Naive as I was, I cursed my luck. How was I supposed to see the sunset with all this fog in the way! Still, I stayed, hoping that it would clear in time for the sunrise. Then, something magical happened: dawn.

The fog all around me began to glow. The sun threw out a dull blue light as it neared the horizon, but instead of illuminating the celestial dome, it seemed to light the air around me itself. It mixed colors with the weak orange lights on the pier to create the most breathtaking purple gradients. It felt like walking in the sky.

The fog usually yields quickly to the sun, but that morning it clung in the air. The ominous gray mist embraced me and the strangers who materialized eerily from the depths of the fog. Light seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

I didn’t even glimpse the sun, but that morning was one of the most magical sunrises I’ve ever experienced. 

- Peter Hung (ravenguild08.tumblr.com)

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